Reimagining the North Texas food system

We are Dallas InnerCity Growers' (DIG), our initiative strives to play a vital role in uniting, supporting, and encouraging collaborations among community change makers from diverse backgrounds: growers, academics, activists, scientists, theologians, filmmakers, funders,
and more!

The age of plastic food

We live in an urban concrete jungle where mass produced food is the norm. For many of us, the idea of a more localized food system is often met with discouragement and a loss of hope. In a disconnected world that's business as usual, it leaves us in a space of anxiety over rising costs, climate disruption, aging farmers, degrading soil, and the lost art of growing food.

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Through the power of our Urban Regenerative Food Collective, YO[UR] Food Collective, DIG's mission is to give food system stakeholders a voice in a safe space to discover and find solutions to the obstacles within our urban food system. It's about challenging existing belief systems and mindsets, pushing boundaries to reconnect urban and environmental systems.

Let's Grow Our Movement

DIG goes beyond cultivating food; it cultivates human connection. Through interactive experiences, networking opportunities, and collaborative growing, we're creating spaces where knowledge and unique perspectives are shared to improve the health and wealth of our cities so everyone can thrive.

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DIG currently offers a range of experiential programs:

The first-ever Dallas InnerCity Growers' Summit - a collaborative forum for producers and food system stakeholders looking to improve the way our region feeds itself. The summit features networking sessions, expert speakers, workshops, and more.

Farm Tours to gain first-hand insights into regional practices and entrepreneurship.

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Dallas InnerCity Growers'


Collaborate with local food system practitioners as we look at best practices across the country and internationally to work towards building a more sustainable and resilient food system in North Texas.

In August 2022, the Dallas InnerCity Growers' Network organized a dozen folks who set their site on building a more resilient food system in North Texas. As we've been growing into this space so have our dedicated collaborators!

Section is currently underway to showcase our wonderful collaborators, meanwhile, join us in celebrating the folks who have helped grow the DIG Movement!

Ashley Hutto, Rabekha Siebert, Claire Howel, Brad Boa, Meghna Tare, Nilesh Morar, Blaine Rogers, Bev Shelby, Helen Dulac, Kelly Varga, Lauren Tankersley, Maggi Molina, Maleke O'ney, Vanessa Conley, Jeff Bednar, Michaela Ensweiler, Lexi MacMillian Uribe, Katerina Graham, Ashlynn Fix, Wilma Tichelaar, Jordan Jent, Mike Bell, P. Wade Ross, Anthony Lazon, Hallie Casey, Kathryn Bazan, Helena Banks, Froswa Booker-Drew, Jaynie Schultz, Gene Wisakowsk, Kim High, Amber Williams, Terance Jenkins, Theresa Daniels, Joel Orsini, Ross DeOtto.

Events from 2024

DIG presents a Permaculture Farm Tour at Beulah Acres Agroforest!

Permaculture Farm Tour 04.18.24

Permaculture tour with Daniel Arenas, director of the Agroforest at Beulah [BYOO-LAH] Acres and local leader in sustainable food growing, exploring their agroforest. Permaculture is a land management philosophy that mimics nature by growing with diversity, stability, and resiliency, making it a food-growing tool that can be very useful in our extreme Texas climate. Join us to learn more about how you might use these principles in your own growing setting!Networking @ 6pm, tour from 6:30-8:00pm

These events have the ability to change the world we live in, and we want everyone to be able to participate! As a commitment to fostering education and growth, we invite you to apply for a scholarship that covers the full cost of your registration.

DIG Presents No-Till Farming Visionary Jesse Frost!

Regenerative Agriculture Workshop 02.12.24

We welcomed Jesse Frost to our own backyard here in Dallas at Briscoe Hall!Jesse, the no-till farmer renowned through his @notillgrowers YouTube Channel, is a recognized leader in the world of no-till small-plot farming. Like DIG, Jesse’s goal is to “just keep digging, keep searching for answers to farming problems and sharing that information!”Workshop 1pm - 4:30pm
DIG Deeper Happy Hour 5 - 7pm @ Big Tex Urban Farm

These events have the ability to change the world we live in, and we want everyone to be able to participate! As a commitment to fostering education and growth, we invite you to apply for a scholarship that covers the full cost of your registration.

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Building Resilient Food Systems